Voir Montreal

Originally published by Voir Montreal 

Available on vinyl (like the 1973 recording of the Quatuor du Jazz Libre du Quebec released in 2012 under the Tenzier label), and also released on CD, this is the recording of le Nouveau Jazz Libre du Quebec in concert at the Sala Rossa on June 20, 2013. Here, the last of the founders of the quartet still with us, Guy Thouin (drums), collaborates passionately with saxophonists Bryan Highbloom and Raymon Torchinsky. We are given a glimpse into history with a reprise of Valse a Grand-Mere, written by Jean Prefontaine (recorded on QJLQ’s first release in 1969). Above all, the trio presents music of the moment which burns with constant and contagious energy. And all this on beautiful transparent vinyl! This album is great art.